Jeff Greinke – Changing Skies

Some albums are self-consciously dark, others simply exist and create a natural sense of darkness. Changing Skies is the latter type of album.

The album begins with some soft tribal percussion, a high-pitched drone, some bell-like chiming and progresses into layered rhythms, and some soothing midrange melodies. A lot of elements are at play throughout from spare chiming, gamelan-esque percussive tones, wind, cricket drones, and what even sounds like animals far in the background on one track.

Later, guitar comes in with spare melodies that generate a sense of unease as well as some low bass tones. Then we have a pounding beat, keyboard melodies, and a section that breaks into fast percussion, presumably to evoke the climax of severe weather.

Afterwards, there is a stretched-out, bell-like drone and a track that features various elements in a barely moving state. Near the end, one track is a piano-driven, Harold Budd-like piece with some well-integrated electronic elements. Lastly, there are some soft chiming tones that close out the album.

This is one of my favorite works from Greinke, and my personal copy is the 1990 Multimood CD. It’s out of print, but you may be able to find it on Discogs. Also, I’d encourage anyone interested in his work to visit Greinke’s website where most of his back catalog (including several out of print items) is still for sale.

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